There is nothing worse than writing your own bio, other than, possibly, writing your own obituary. I’ll leave the obituary to more capable folk and take a stab at the bio.

Born in a small prairie town as a love child, I’ve spent most of my life trying to make it more interesting than it is. The great thing about marketing, writing and creating is that I get to make other peoples’ lives more interesting, too.

I like to be involved in a project from the tiny seedling of an idea through to fruition. Known for my creativity and big ideas, I like to go deeper, get my hands dirty. Content marketing, SEO strategy, team leadership, delivering presentations, generating effective case studies, delving into analytics, email marketing, curating social media campaignsall of it.

Finding the story in a brand, a movement, a life, is my passion.

I am a data-driven marketer. I don’t use data to tell stories, but rather tell stories and use data to back up the narrative. The ideation, brainstorming and creative element of campaign planning is something I relish. Defining a goal and key metrics for success must follow, and optimizing marketing strategy based on data is essential. I have presented for audiences at FUZE, Young Women in Business, SREDA, SYPE, Tourism Saskatchewan, VendastaCon and Ideas on Tap. Presenting key learnings in this format has helped me thoroughly understand the output of data and condense it into key findings and tactical action items that others can implement.

“Nykea is a writer, communicator, marketer and thought-leader. She sets an impossibly high standard for her work, using creativity and data to succeed.” – Bonnie Clark


Experiences not things.
The more you read the better you write.
Stories are everything. Tell them, read them, write them.
Don’t take yourself, or anything, too seriously.
Big talk >small talk.
Sweat feeds the brain.
Dogs are everything.
Say yes until it hurts.
Avocados and pineapples.
See friends and family too much or it’s not enough.
Politics belong to you.
Creativity, tenacity, boldness.
Pisces, tiger, amethyst, water, ENFP, ID.
Ally, activist, liberal, feminist.