Barclay Prime’s $100 Sandwich Gimmick: What Makes Your Company Remarkable?

When Barclay Prime opened up shop in Philly, they had to be more than your average steakhouse. Conceptually it was simple: offer the best steakhouse experience possible. They pulled out all the stops — wagyu ribeye, foie gras, lobster flown in daily, truffled cheese, marble tables and comfy seating. But in a cluttered and competitive space, being great wasn’t enough — they needed to be remarkable.

Barclay Prime interior

More than 60% of restaurants go out of business in the first three years. Steakhouses aren’t exactly thriving right now. Those are tough odds to beat. So Barclay Prime put a twist on what was normally a cheap Philly classic — the cheesesteak. The standard Philly cheesesteak can be picked up at nearly every sandwich shop, deli or pizzeria for four or five dollars. But instead of the normal steak, hoagie, cheese whiz combo, the steakhouse made some elegant adjustments.

Homemade brioche with house made mustard, thinly sliced Kobe beef, caramelized onions, shaved heirloom tomatoes, triple cream taleggio cheese, harvested black truffles and top it all off with a lobster tail. And because you can’t wash that masterpiece down with a Diet Coke, the “cheesesteak” comes served with a split of Veuve. And a $100 price tag.

barclay prime cheeseteak

Putting that twist on a regional classic secured Barclay Prime a place in peoples’ minds. And more importantly, in their conversations with others. With that, Barclay Prime became remarkable. The hundred dollar cheesesteak made news segments, it was ordered off the hook, and anyone who goes there is sure to mention it to you.

Not that long ago, a fancy steakhouse was the crème de la crème of restaurants. The top tier, the final frontier. This was the only kind of restaurant that mattered. Now, in an era where many steakhouses are closing their doors and people turn to restaurants that serve local, lighter favourites, Barclay Prime continues to thrive.

Give your customers something to share that creates social currency — they want to share the info about you because it makes them cool.

What’s worth sharing about your business? What makes you remarkable? What will your customers find so irresistible to share?

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