Think Big, Create Colossal

Colossal Whale


What I’m Capable Of

I fancy myself a big thinker, whale-sized dreamer. I take on a vast scope of projects. Meeting your challenges with creative solutions is why I’m here. I’ve done a lot, but I want to do it all. Experienced and trusted, and where I’m fresh, I access subject matter experts to ensure you get a project that excites you, one I’m thrilled to deliver.


Marketing strategy
Digital identity
Content creation
Video production
Email marketing
Content strategy
Social media
Art direction


Content strategy
Inbound marketing
Traditional to digital
Brand storytelling
The importance of creativity

Creative facilitation

In-person workshops
Inspiration sessions
Desire mapping
Motivation labs
Design thinking


Creative writing
Memoir/bio writing
Web series
Documentary sessions

My Process

Depending on the scope of the project, the process varies. Sometimes I’m a one-woman-show (a Stompin’ Tom type), sometimes I need to assemble a seven -person team to deliver a groundbreaking campaign. First comes you and your objectives, then a strategy session to see what skills are necessary. I’ll bring in the best people for the job — no middle (wo)men here. Each person working on your project brings unique and incredible value.

Why Work with Me

You’ll love my energy and enthusiasm, and you’ll be impressed with the knowledge and thoroughness. I’ll deliver a project you can be proud of. But hey, don’t take it from me, see what people I’ve worked with have to say:

Nykea is a brilliant communicator, an absolutely inspiring motivator, and an amazing human being.

Highly skilled at creating compelling, effective content marketing backed by solid-research and evidence, she also brings real humanity to every piece she creates, every place she goes, every person she encounters. In this technology-driven/numbers-obsessed culture, that human element is so often lost amidst the data, but Nykea imbues each interaction with warmth and humanity.

Rory Lawford Award Winning Graphic Designer, Vendasta

Nykea’s creativity, thoughtfulness, and work ethic are enough to power ten marketing departments simultaneously. If she embraced the oxford comma, she might be perfect.

Devon Hennig VP of Demand Generation, Vendasta

Nykea is a writer, communicator, marketer and thought-leader. She sets an impossibly high standard for her work, using creativity and data to succeed.

Bonnie Clark
Bonnie Clark Marketing Director, TCU Financial Group

Nykea is a gifted communicator, a fearless leader and her infectiously positive work ethic is her best attribute. Leading all content initiatives she works with the thought leaders throughout the company and community and is becoming a thought leader herself! Her presentation and speaking skills are admirable, the way she interacts and leads her team is inspiring and I continue to learn from her every day. Nykea is a respected leader within Vendasta, her community and to me.

Amy Gill marketing
Amy Gill Director, Go-To-Market (Product Marketing), Vendasta