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Dynamic Presentations

Through dynamic storytelling and carefully curated content, Nykea delivers impactful presentations. Audiences leave with tactical takeaways and a story (or two).

Nykea is an internationally sought-after speaker, and has presented for audiences at The Social School, Young Women in Business, FUZE, SREDA, SYPE, Tourism Saskatchewan, PPOC, SMX, VendastaCon, and Ideas on Tap. From keynotes to workshops, Nykea identifies focus material and key learnings, highlighting through interactive presentations. She curates her material for each specific audience, and has presented on a wide variety of topics, including content marketing, women in technology and business, creating a content strategy, political marketing and more.

Select Past Talks

FUZE Marketing Conference

Content marketing: what is it, why does it matter and how can you do it effectively? Vendasta’s content program has driven more than a 500% increase in blog traffic in the last year, and Nykea will show you how to implement an effective content strategy in your organization. This was a half-day workshop session with about 200 attendees.

VendastaCon Conference

Five secrets to enhance your content marketing. Whether they’re misconceptions or common nomenclature, Nykea divulges five secrets of content marketing. Defining leads by quality over quality, using content that helps prospects and is prescriptive for salespeople and overcoming perceptions are some of what she’ll touch on in this tactical session. Watch the video here.

Professional Photographers of Canada

The fundamentals of brand storytelling and how to tell your story effectively. In every city, there are hundreds of photographers. How can you create a brand that stands out and make content that gets noticed? See the deck here.

CREW Professional Development Luncheon

A brand used to be what they said they were. Now, a brand is what consumers say they are. Marketing has changed, and it’s changed a lot. Traditional advertising still works—there’s no doubt. When a consumer hears or sees an ad, the behaviour after is what has changed. Instead of showing up on the doorstep ready to buy, what do consumers do? They search online! It is now imperative for brands to have an accurate, compelling online presence. Creating powerful, helpful content is one of the most effective ways for brands to find and retain new customers. Good brands tell good stories.

Women in Technology Panel

Facilitated by Nykea, this panel dives into why there is a gap between men and women in STEM careers. What practical steps can an organization implement to be proactive in its approach to diversifying the workplace? Watch the video here. 

Ideas on Tap, Vendasta

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just a game that only the big companies can play. In fact, it’s become quite the hot topic in local industries and more than half of small business owners are investing in their business’s SEO strategy.  You are what you E-A-T, and at this IOT we’re sharing our secret recipe to help small businesses get found online. Learn a few simple strategies to put your business on the (Google) map. Watch video here (Nykea comes in at 1:37:27 on the topic of trustworthiness). 

Young Women in Business {YWIB) Saskatoon Chapter

A Google image search for marketer, engineer, politician, lawyer, CEO make it clear that women and marginalized groups continue to be invisible in important settings. Pronouns, assumptions and algorithms matter—what we put out into the world, we get fed back to us. While the stats are abysmal for women in technology and executive positions, there is much we can do change the world, digital and physical. Companies employing women in large numbers outperform their competitors on every measure of profitability, and small changes can have a huge impact.

Saskatchewan Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (SYPE)

Marketers are constantly asked to do more with less. Prove ROI while carefully balancing team dynamics. Run social campaigns on lower budgets. Develop killer design. Write informative copy. Etc, etc, etc. Entrepreneurs are often the most strapped for resources. In this session, Nykea will show you dozens of free tools and resources to help you move the needle without opening your wallet.

SREDA Be Better at _______ Speaker Series

The ability to communicate effectively and confidently has a dramatic effect on your ability to build relationships and advance your career. Many of us fall into the trap of using weak language that sabotages our efforts to present ourselves with authority and confidence. Combining the right words with the right actions is the key to effective communication. Nykea will walk you through communication in the work world, with emphasis on pronoun usage, assertive language and the importance of effectively telling your story.

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