Finding the Story in a Brand

Your business is exceptional. It’s time that everyone else knows that. Form and function, left brain meet right brain. When you work with me, strategy collides with execution, creativity with analysis, to deliver projects that matter.

Find and fuel your big ideas, and give your company a competitive edge.


Share your story with more people. Tell me what you need and I'll tell you your next big idea. Some of my specialties: content marketing, website building, email marketing, social marketing, and video production.


Dynamic storytelling and carefully curated content combine for meaningful presentations. Audiences leave with tactical takeaways, a story (or two) and an experience that becomes a memory.

Inspire Creativity

The mechanism for innovation. Creativity is essential to good business, yet we're often stuck inside our patterns. I'll work with your team to get you to the next level. Grow outside the box.

Brand Identity

Express yourself differently and stand out. Strong brands resonate and thrive. Know your voice, understand your audience, and present with authenticity.


Words carefully chosen, beautifully crafted. Don't leave your story, any part of it, to chance. Biographies, websites, press releases ⁠— where there's a story, I'll find the words.

Streamline Workflows

You're in deep and it's hard to come up for air. I'll work with your team to lean out your sales process, align your customer journey to brand identity, and scale your growth.

See My Work

What is that saying? About the shoemaker’s children going barefoot? Download the pdf (!) below for some samples of recent work.

NMB Portfolio 2021

Tales from the Blog

Brands live and die on their ability to drive an audience to take action. What makes stories stick and brands catch fire, separates the good from the great? It’s all about storytelling that lights a fire, sparks action.

A Bit About Me

A brand storyteller and marketer, I specialize in writing, leadership, and content creation, always with a focus on creativity. From creative brief through to measurable results, my role requires constant innovation, bold risk-taking, and business acumen. I create full-scale marketing strategies for businesses across many verticals. Having spoken at events locally and internationally, I relish bringing unique findings to an audience. My emphasis on powerful brand storytelling and innovative culture drive a growth mindset throughout my team. Finding the story in a brand, a movement, a life, is my passion.

nykea behiel

Let’s Tell Your Story

Each project begins and ends with you. I work with clients who are as passionate about what they do as the Ninja Turtles are about pizza. Or something more updated and culturally relevant, but you get the idea. From multi-location brands to agencies, large companies to the pizza shop on the corner, I create and reimagine brands.

Whether it’s marketing or speaking, creative facilitation or, my personal favourite, a miscellaneous creative venture, get in touch.