Canmar Foods

Brand video for international distribution

Client: CanMar Foods
Services: Video

Taking Traditional Digital

Grown and roasted right here at home, CanMar’s flax is exceptional in both quality and story. Through research and development, product experiments and trials, CanMar has developed a patented process which evenly roasts flaxseed to a consistent taste and identical colour. The science and passion behind this company is awe-inspiring. People care about this story, and so do distributors. CEO Myles Hamilton approached Rock & Bloom to create a video that would help tell this story to international distributors.

Show & Tell | International Distribution Brand Story

From Pre-Production to Launch

We worked with CanMar to determine their goal — why are we making this video, anyway? As international sales skyrocketed, CanMar needed an effective, scalable way to explain their brand story and process. This video illustrates CanMar’s vertical integration with their own farms, and highlights their proprietary production process. CanMar is found on shelves all over the world, from the UAE to China, Mexico to North America.

I wrote this script to be memorable while creating a sense of comfort and familiarity for suppliers. From creating a shot list and itinerary to keeping the crew on track to working with locations, this video came together seamlessly. The CanMar team was thrilled with the deliverable. Leading the charge is CEO Myles Hamilton, who has years of experience in consumer packaged goods with Frito-Lay and Spitz. My involvement:

  • Script writing
  • Creating a shot list
  • Story boarding
  • Hiring and directing actors
  • Organizing production itinerary and keeping everyone on task
  • Script and continuity supervising
  • Post-production feedback
brand video script
brand video story board