Chelsea Klette

The intersection of art and story

Client: Chelsea Klette
Services: Brand Identity, Website, Marketing Strategy

Capturing Connections Between People

Chelsea is an artist, photography, her medium. Sitting at the intersection of art and story, her brand, website and communications needed to do that, too. Prior to coming to Rock & Bloom, Chelsea felt her communications were scattered. We created a new brand, giving Chelsea’s company an identity that reflects her and her art.

Artistic + Professional Brand Identity

A cohesive brand promises a meaningful customer experience. Knowing what to expect — both for Chelsea and her clients — builds credibility and trust. We worked with Chelsea to determine her ideal client and dissect her why. Competitor profiling, brand profiling, and tough questions all helped to build the Chelsea Klette brand identity. Soft yet strong, artistic yet professional.

Modern Website, Artful Copy

Chelsea is an artist. Because this is the primary element of her personality and her brand, her website couldn’t be the same as every other photographer. The design needed to be intuitive, the images central, the copy emotional. Visit Chelsea’s site. You’ll feel like you’re truly connecting with her.

chelsea klette website creation
chelsea klette brand identity

“I am so happy to have worked with Rock & Bloom developing and honing my brand to reflect the growth I’ve experienced as an artist. My brand and my website now reflect the growth and experience I’ve gained through the last decade. Reworking my own brand to tell my story is something I couldn’t do on my own — I ’m too deep inside of it. I turned to some amazing experts for help, I’m so proud to show off my new brand identity. This new site truly captures my goal of being seen as an artist, one that captures your story with integrity, showcases your amazing memories, and commits to a style.”

⁠ — Chelsea Klette

A Social Story

As a photographer, Chelsea is drawn to Instagram. And she’s great at it. Her stunning images draw people in, and her willingness to share emotionally through her copy makes each post a story. We worked with Chelsea to ensure each post was a continuation of her beautiful brand, attracting the kind of work and clients she wants to attract. Check out Chelsea’s Instagram.