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Process vs Product

I’ve been dreaming about collaging for awhile now, and dabbled a bit. My pieces don’t turn out as I hope. Of course they don’t — I have never done it. No practice. No effort. No grit. When I do make something, I look at it with disappointment and I find myself wondering, “what’s the point?”

The process is the point!

The freedom of creating. The escape of the ordinary. The expanse of possibilities. It’s okay for your hobbies to not be productive. Not ending up with a perfect product doesn’t mean you wasted your time. I’m trying to remember that. 

This weekend I turned a space in our garage into a studio, and I’m going to use it. I’m not going to worry if it’s clean or if what I make is good. That time is for creating and refining a process, not a product.

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